The artists

Gregory Gomez

Gregory Miguel Gómez is a sculptor and painter from a family of physicians and scientists. Though visual art became his alternative to science, investigative and exploratory methods remain an important part of Gómez’s working process. He is interested in representing didactic information in alternative contexts and draws from sources as diverse as historic scientific imagery, early cartography, and baseball score-keeping.

From singular and gallery-scale relief sculpture installations, Gómez moved into creating sculpture for public spaces. His body of work for public sites includes works for Harvard Medical School, The Challenger Learning Center in Tallahassee, Florida, and Addison Elevated Train Station and Austin Branch Library in Chicago, Illinois. He has had works installed in front of the Brattleboro Museum in Vermont, and a permanent suspended work for the Williamson College of Business Administration, in Youngstown Ohio.



Rodrigo Nava

Rodrigo Nava (b. 1978, Mexico City) is a Mexican/American artist whose sculpture explores the relationship between material and process. His most recent series consists of large closed steel forms that are expanded using a controlled explosion. This unique proprietary process allows him to create non-representational sculptures that are the pure authentic result of the relationship between material, process, artists and viewer.

"When I expand my work, I am attempting to dismantle my tie to an object by allowing it to become its own object. These are not sculpture fabricated to look like they are inflated. They are the remnants of a real experience."

His work can be found in private and public collections throughout the country and abroad. 



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